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Frank Preston 

Paramount Investment Corporation (PIC) 

Contact Information:
3729 Amsterdam Terrace
Burtonsville, Maryland 20865
Phone: (301) 677-2525 ext. 293
Fax: (410) 551-8210

Primary Contact:
Frank Preston, Chief of Financial Operation

Primary Contact Brief Bio
Frank J. Preston is PIC's secretary and treasurer. Mr. Preston brings to PIC over thirty-five years of financial management experience. He has held a variety of prestigious management positions in major United States corporations, as well as the military. Mr. Preston has also managed his own business and can boast of over thirty-seven years of experience in investment group management. 

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About Paramount Investment Corporation (PIC) 

Paramount Investment Corporation (PIC) was organized for the purpose of creating a vehicle to seek, investigate, and if such investigations warrant, acquire an interest in business opportunities presented to us by persons or firms who want to employ the company's funds in their business. Presently we are in the capital accumulation stage with no specific acquisition target. 

Our capital accumulation plan is geared toward the long-term investor who is reliable and able to maintain stable investments. Our company will provide each of its members the opportunity to learn about the investment market and get experience in conducting business with a relatively small level of risk. Fixed dollar contributions are required by each member. PIC has three types of memberships: Charter, Alpha, and Beta. 

Membership classification is characterized by monthly contributions, voting rights, and other requirements. Contributions and capital gains are reinvested into PIC until our asset base grows to a level where fixed investments are no longer required (capital goal). Our current portfolio stands in excess of $100,000 with zero debt. Once we reach our capital goal, members will have the option of receiving capital gains or to reinvest such gains into PIC for increased earnings potential. 

We also have a voluntary accumulation plan that allows members to contribute to PIC (above the minimum monthly requirement) as desired to maximize individual profits. 

PIC has attracted several accomplished investors and distinguished citizens who realize our tremendous growth potential. We judiciously solicit membership to only a select group of individuals for corporate homogeny.