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Welcome to RBA!
RBA unites retired military, active duty, and civilian business owners throughout the United States. We began in 1994 when a group of retired military officers came together monthly to network and build their businesses.

Over the past 20 years, our members have grown organizations that reached $100 million in revenues, bought and sold businesses, started a bank, and contracted with Fortune 500 companies.

We encourage active military, civilian business owners, and community leaders to join us.
Meet the Officers
MG(R) Phillip M. Churn Sr.
President (2020-2021)
President/CEO SYZYGY International 
James Henderson
Vice President (2020-2021) 
President/J. E. Henderson Financial Services

Al Thomas
Secretary (2020-2021)
Norris Middleton
Treasurer (2020-2021)



Positive Member Feedback

Potential Opportunities
Our Mission

RBA promotes the financial success and sustainability of military and civilian-owned businesses. We facilitate these growth objectives through a thriving professional network that enables us to…

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Main Offerings

Networking & Mentorship w/ Other Leaders
Network with and learn from other accomplished minority/disabled veteran business leaders who have built successful, high-performing organizations.
Sustained Learning & Business Development
There is a diverse menu of learning opportunities available to RBA members during coordinated events and information sessions that address of-the-moment business topics.
Ultra Responsive Mobile App
RBA has its own mobile app for sharing business opportunities and locating joint venture partners/subcontractors/etc.
Collaboration & Teaming in Federal/Commercial Sectors
The connections among RBA members create strong potential for partnering opportunities and greater visibility in the public and private sectors.
Dynamic Lecture Series with National & International Leaders
RBA recognizes that there is a benefit to learning from others who have achieved high levels of operational and commercial success. For this reason, we engage a variety of seasoned practitioners.

Thought Leadership & Knowledge Sharing
RBA is proud to count among its membership decorated military officers as well as a wide scope of subject matter experts with distinguished careers.
Come join RBA and watch your network and organization grow.