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Heroes in Service

In war. 
In peacetime.
America Needs Heroes.

It is often said of heroes that they are unaware of the magnitude of their contributions — even after the fact. RMOA members, who have served in every branch of the military and in nearly every military rank imaginable, are certainly testaments to this. 

With a military heritage that pre-dates the Civil War, our members have served valiantly in the majority of the conflicts involving America's military personnel over the past century. 

For these now retired officers, the lives and actions of the heroic men and women that served under their command remains a constant reminder of the true definition of heroism and of the fact that America's Armed Services remain our protection in a world filled with uncertainties.

Profiles of RMOA Members

Colonel (Ret.) Frank Preston

Paramount Investment Corporation - Provides member services via Capital Accumulation and Investment Plans. .... more»
Colonel (Ret.) Harvey Dickerson

Dickerson & Associates, Inc. - Financial management consulting, accounting systems, projecting and analyzing cash flow requirements, establishing budgets. .... more»
Admiral (Ret.) Anthony Watson
Alliance Leadership Group, Inc.  - Description Pending
COL Charles DeShields COL (Ret) Charles DeShields (Deceased)

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