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Heroes in Business

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Our members believe in the American Dream and the uphold the concepts represented by Trust, Honor, and Community 

After faithfully serving our country, our members applied the ethics and value systems that were learned in the military to their business enterprises:
  • Respect for authority
  • Belief and trust in our fellow man
  • Dedication to mission, and
  • A commitment to quality
Our members have an impressive track record of providing products, services and solutions to organizations within the public and private sectors, including the Federal Government and the Department of Defense. 

Leaders in Business

Mr. Theodore A. Adams, III
Chairman of Board & CEO

Unified Industries, Inc. - Program Management, Metrology & Calibration, Public Transportation, Applied Technology, Training, Logistics, Health and Human Services, Quality Assurance. .... more»
LTC (Ret.) Louisa Jaffe
Technical and Project Engineering, LLC - Program Management Support Services, Force Development, (Training & Business Transformation) Acquisition Support, Training Services, Information Technology (IT) Services. .... more»
Colonel (Ret.) Renard Marable
Premier Consultants International, Inc. - He held a wide variety of command and staff positions including serving as a Battalion Commander in the 82nd Airborne Division....more»
 Photo Pending  Colonel (Ret.) James George
Management Support Techonology , Inc. - Description pending.
Photo Pending Colonel (Ret.) Alfred Elliott
Knowledge-Networking Inc. - Description Pending